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Where is fckin food >_<

hm looks like AoE :D

Yeah it kinda does :P

a message appears about something not being cooked, any suggestions ?

demo was fun but i wish that you wouldnt need to hold the mouse wheel to check out crafting things

It is saying that i'm missing the GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin file

@UnholyDK Strange... Well the demo is old by now and we won't make any fixes anymore. But in just a few days we'll initiate multiplayer alpha tests on Steam. If you're interested, please join our discord and register :)


i'm one of those ones that like to play campaigns not play multiplayer

I got a message sying something about "cooked" files not being there, and geting an "uncooked" version. What does that mean?

Ive always loved rts games, ill give this a shot

Here's my first try. DLing the demo now (looks like it has new content?)

Congrats Guys! I always wanted to make an excellent RTS game. Your game looks so good. 

Thanks man! We'll do our very best to deliver an awesome RTS game! :)


your game looks interesting and I'll try out the demo the next days I think. If I find any bugs, feature requests which might interest you or other kind of feedback - do you have a platform or address to send this stuff to?

PS: looks like a classic RTS from what I see, I really missed some good new ones, so thanks for your effort =) 

Kind Regards

Hello MrLowbob!
Thanks for your interest and kind words! The demo does contain quite a lot of bugs, and many things will improve. After all, this was a pre-alpha. In the end of the demo, a link to a survey is provided, which we would be very happy if you want to complete. Also, you are more than welcome to visit our Facebook page (and upcoming discord channel - we'll let you guys know) ;)